21×29 cm, gel pen, markers Copic, pencils

The world inside

What if the world we see is just an illusion?
What if there is no smell or taste in the real world?
What if there are no colors in the real world?
If you will perceive reality as it really is, you would not have recognized it at all.

It seems to us that our world is full of sounds, smells, colors, it seems obvious that reality is right here.
But not everything is not so simple.
In fact, from the physical point of view, there is no color, there are wavelengths. Sounds are just fluctuations … We know anything about our reality. What doubts can there be – eyes, arms, legs … here I am.
But the perception of reality is filtered by our senses. We interact with the world of physical objects, but in fact, these are just electrical signals that our brain interprets. At one time, Niels Bohr said that  “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

The world that we see exists only in our imagination.

We all have an internally created reality. The world lives inside our brain. He constantly updates information from our senses. But sometimes it does not correspond to reality. This is a beautifully derived simulator.