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This is a new interpretation of my work “Stars” under the influence of the painting of Van Gogh “Starry Sky.”
The basic idea was to combine graphics and painting in one work, and at the same time they should be
harmoniously fuse.

Multilevel Universe

Since ancient times, scientists and philosophers have been questioning about existence; ‘is our world one, unique, one way or is there other possibilities?’
Scientists-physicists who are engaged in quantum mechanics offered their own version of the multiplicity of universes. Experiments led them to the idea that our world is variable and multidimensional.
This theory says that where there is a choice – universes bifurcate. If this assumption is true, then the Universes are really a great multitude, they are borning every moment. Our world is three-dimensional, but there are a lot of such worlds. Each point of our space is a complex multilevel universe with its own laws and peculiarities.

Parallel worlds

Our known universe is as far as we know 13.7 billion years. Perhaps outside this space is another independent universe, which in turn borders on another world. If we take into account that space and time are flat, then our “huge” Universe, in which we are, is just a piece in the colossal “canvas” of many universes.

The topic of quantum physics and multidimensionality (parallel worlds) has interested me for a very long time.
Physicists are well aware of the concept of “corpuscular-wave dualism” – the notion of the two-unity of the material world, in which all objects possess both wave and corpuscular properties.
In my work, dualism is also represented. I wanted to show the manifestation of two realities. One of them is colorful, pastel and there are holes into the another black and white graphic reality.
through brightness and color manifest black and white reality.

We peer into space, and the cosmos looks at us. The eyes in the starry sky are symbols of those who’re watching us …

The universe, so full of wonders. I could spend countless hours looking up in the sky; so many stars, so many mysteries.
© Parallel worlds