under microscope


Gel pen, pencils

A leaf from Rio under a microscope

our world is incredibly complex and discrete – everything is composed of certain components and each part of any of them is divided into smaller components (elements) like the city grows up from numerous streets: street from houses, houses from bricks, which is made of sand and clay, everything that surrounds us is woven of cosmic matter.
All of us – Stardust.

Favela of Rio de Janeiro

The main inspiration for the drawing was the ‘favelas’ of Rio de Janeiro. One of the most colorful and criminogenic places on Earth. A ‘favela’; Portuguese for slum, is a low-income historically informal urban area in Brazil. The first ‘favela’, presently known as ‘Providencia’ in the center of Rio de Janeiro, appeared in the late 19th century, built by soldiers who had nowhere to live following the Canudos War. Some of the first settlements were called ‘bairros africanos’ (African neighborhoods). Over the years, many former enslaved Africans moved in.
But on the other hand, there is something picturesque in these slums. All of them resemble cells of a huge organism, in the given case of Rio de Janeiro. Seeing the strange architecture of these slums, it became clear to me that they would perfectly match the leaf, would resemble its segments.

In addition to the ‘favel’ to associate Rio, there is the famous statue of Jesus Christ in the upper corner on the right.

In addition to countless pile-ups of ‘favels’, there are elements of the paintings of the famous Maurice Escher (the central part of the drawing below) and Giorgio de Chirico (drawing above). Also numerous allusions to Nolan’s films and images of the surrealist Rene Migrit