Entrance to the world of the subconscious



21 × 29 см

1- stranger-man himself, his self-awareness
2 – maze repeats brain shape and symbolises the subconscious
3 tower domes – cerebellum, hypothalamus (from Greek “room, chamber)
4 the human brain is still badly explored; all-seeing eye-
Masonic symbol – means enigma, a secret, something unknown
5 in the Masonic symbol question mark-
1) shows that the eye is not only connected with the Masons
2) as it is in the centre of the labyrinth, it means that we can’t solve all the riddles of our mind, i.e. until they are under question
6 lianas smoothly flow into the hair in the form of a torch
1) torch – destruction, passion
2) lianas- confusion, social networks
7 lions at the entrance to the labyrinth – the image of guards, restrictions on the approaches to the world of the subconscious