“Flight” 2019

Winner of the Fashion Film Festival, 2019

gouache animation

director – Mihaïl Zablodski

animator – Mihaïl Zablodski

soundtrack – Angelo Badalamenti “Swim to Island”

The heroine is wandering in the dark, looking for inspiration. Suddenly she is illuminated by internal light, which gives her wings…

Inspiration is a magic flight in all the worlds of fantasy and creativity

“Jealousy Tango” 2018

Winner of the Fashion Film Festival in Kyiv, 2018

watercolor animation

director – Mihaïl Zablodski

animator – Mihaïl Zablodski

soundtrack – Jacob Gade “Jealousy Tango”

“Magic coffee. Rediscovering Your Inner Self ” 2017

director – Mihaïl Zablodski

actor- Dmytro Mazurenko

soundtrack – DakhaBrakha

A documentary about the magic process of making coffee

“The Twilight of civilization” 2016

Movie for PinchukArtCentre, 2016

director – Mihaïl Zablodski

“Twilight of civilization” is a philosophical movie, the main idea of which is the emphasis on the analysis of the existence and way of life of people in the world. All this is connected with the search for ourselves and the meaning of being through freedom of will, choice and personal responsibility. Belief in what people are looking for to find out who they are and what they are living for. And they make this choice based on their experience, beliefs, and perspectives. The film is close to the ideas of famous philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Martin Heidegger.




Animated logo for Broken land Media

In the beginning, an animation shows all five boroughs of New York City, which transform into one borough, Brooklyn.  (Brooklyn is the anglicized form of the Dutch word “Breuckelen” which means “broken land”). Then you can see famous symbols of NY

My animated illustration

Recursion occurs when a thing is defined in terms of itself or of its type

My animated illustration